Addiction, irrespective of its root cause, keeps spiralling up over time. It leads to continuously demanding, deteriorating and detrimental physical and psychological conditions of your life. Giving up is difficult but not impossible. Aashar Aalo is committed towards ensuring an addiction-free lifestyle and overall physical and mental wellbeing for whoever approaches us.


The heavy drinkers develop an emotional and physical attachment to alcohol even when they are aware of its evil effects. For many heavy and occasional drinkers, addiction is an escape route to euphoria. It is a way to relax, forget failures or flaunt social status. Once you develop an addiction, it gets difficult to quit.

Emotional addiction slowly turns into physical dependency, desperation and vice versa. It ruins your personal relationship and professional career. Over time, you find yourself sinking in the quicksand of crisis. Even if you want to come out, you cannot.